New Found iStock Promo Codes This Month

*Update* We know iStock coupon codes are extremely hard to find. Below we have a 15% off promo code that you can use on 6 or more credits. Unfortunately the old 30% off coupon is now expired. But no worries, for a complete list of current iStockphoto coupon codes please visit Vecteezy.

Our friends over at iStockphoto reached out to us to let us know about a huge offer they're running. They have given us a 15% OFF (all credit packs) coupon code to share with all our L&T readers. Just click on the link below to "unlock" the coupon code. Then you can apply it to your cart at checkout. Hurry! This code expires on 6/30 at midnight!

iStock Coupon Discount
iStock Coupon Discount

10 Simply Subtle Grunge Textures

Today we've got a great set of simple and subtle grunge textures for you. They're perfect for adding just a hint of texture to your designs or photos. These were made by layering several different images together in various blending layers in Photoshop to get the end result.

If you enjoy these textures, make sure you check out the subtle grunge section in the L&T gallery.

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10 Simply Subtle Grunge Textures

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Five Colored Grunge Textures

These five colored grunge textures are perfect for adding just a hint of grunge and texture goodness to your work. They were made by combining serveral individual textures in various blending layers in Photoshop. Hopefully you fine some good uses for them.

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Five Colored Grunge Textures

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The 6 Most Important Questions You Must Ask Before You Take On A Web Design Project/Client

The preparatory work you do at the start of a website project, including the questions that you ask before you even agree to take on that project or client, will have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the engagement.

At Webydo, we focus on providing web designers with the best possible tools to juggle a number of clients at a given time by coupling good design with an effective business strategy.

The next time you receive a call or email from a prospective client looking to hire you to design their next site, be sure to ask the 6 questions covered in this article to help determine what the right solution is for their project and whether or not it is a fit for you.



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7 Free Beautiful Concrete Textures

These beautiful concrete textures are perfect for adding that abstract texture to your projects that everyone desires. Download them and enjoy today!

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Five Free Grey Grunge Textures

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