"Caleb Kimbrough of Lost and Taken is one of the leading authorities when it comes to textures." - Steven Snell of Vandelay Design


Hello, my name is Caleb Kimbrough and I run things around this joint. Aside from making the textures here on L&T, I also create content for design blogs and magazines around the world. I actually get to make textures for a living, how cool is that? In my spare time I enjoy good music, good beer, and good company. Oh, and the occasional wanderlust-induced traveling spree. If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, my email is: calebkimbrough(at)gmail.com



"Lost and Taken is a blog dedicated towards free high resolution textures.  Caleb really does a great job with the site and always seems to find new ways to surprise us with new and creative textures." - Grant Friedman of Colorburned


Lost and Taken was created over two and a half years ago with one intention: to helps designers by giving away the best free textures available. To this day, Lost and Taken textures have been viewed tens of millions of times and have helped thousands of designers accomplish their jobs a little easier and with more beautiful results.



"I stumbled on Lost and Taken, which has now absorbed a considerable amount of my time ...I might sped the rest of my night on this site " - David Schloss of Mac Create Network


Lost and Taken is all about the textures, which are completely free for personal and commercial use. They've been featured in several magazines including Digital Arts, ImagineFX, and Photoshop User Magazine as well as dozens of design and art blogs. The textures have appeared in television shows and commercials, print ads, and countless graphic design projects, web designs, and artworks.