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17 More Old Book Cover Textures

You can never have too many book textures right? The response to last weeks "15 free book textures" was so strong I decided to go ahead and post another 17 for your downloading pleasure. All of the images were scanned by Sean Tejaratchi and given to Lost and Taken to redistribute to the design community as copyright free textures. The textures are high resolution, large files (up to 15mb), and in the jpeg format. Below are five examples from the pack, and below that is the download link. Now what are you waiting for? Get downloading and designing.

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15 Old Book Cover Textures - high res and free

When Jay over at Bittbox posted his "Anatomy Of A Really Old Book" I admired it like many others and thought to myself "Someday, when I have time, I'm going to try something like that." Well, just the other day I was contacted by Lost and Taken reader Sean Tejaratchi about some old book textures he had scanned a while ago while working at an old book store (imagine that, old books coming from old book stores...) and my quest for good book textures had been fulfilled. Sean has graciously decided to share his treasure trove of textures with everyone who visits Lost and Taken. Here is what he has to say about them:

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