Top 40 WordPress Themes for Your Leisure

Just take it easy and enjoy your leisure. If you are still sitting in your office and planning the vacation, this top 40 WordPress Themes will tune you in a right way. And if you are on the other side of the barricade and are among those, who are ready to welcome tourists or to provide them with all information needed for an unforgettable trip, then this post is definitely for you.

Relaxation is an essential thing in our stressful time. The time is running faster and faster and we are running in pursuit of it. We are doing everything on the run. And things done on the run usually come out all wrong. And we are getting nervous about it trying to remake them. Then they get even more messy and we get a nervous breakdown.

Those who have once come through one, certainly know that there's nothing good in nervous breakdowns. You usually become inadequate, can't make a hard-boiled appraisal of the situation, start falling on you close people and everyone who comes up closer than 3 feet. It's the most optimistic variant. And though it sounds far not that positive it can be even worse. Many people get ill owing to constant stress and end up in a hospital.

Who on earth needs this beauty? It's much easier to prevent stress, then to cope with its after-effects. And the preventive measures are extremely simple. You just need to alternate work and rest. This means you need to relax from time to time. While relaxing and occupying with your favorite activities, the strain comes down and you feel much better. The common sense comes back to you, and all the situations that seemed critical turn into a piece of cake.

Here are Top 40 WordPress Themes for the websites offering relaxation: hotels, tourist agencies, diving or fishing clubs whatever. If this is the sphere you work in, please take your time, relax and choose the one you like the most.

Hotel Personal WordPress Website

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Free Wheat & Bokeh Textures

One of the most beautiful sights while living in the Midwest is a field filled with golden wheat glowing and gently swaying in the sunset. These images capture that sight and are perfect to use in your design projects, put them to good use. Enjoy!

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Five Free Grey Grunge Textures

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519 Killer Free Web Resources You Need To Get Today!

Designing a captivating website is a demanding task. What helps designers is that a huge stock of web resources is available on the net! So the unique design logic can be enhanced with purposeful utilities.  Checkout what's in store here:


1. High Resolution Wood Textures & Tree Patterns

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Set Up Parallax Scrolling Websites with No Coding


Technology is advancing at great speed, but web design trends often change a lot faster. A passionate designer keeps track of new practices in the industry, and always tries to create websites that engage viewers at a personal level. Word is spreading, among the design community, about a newly released parallax scrolling feature from Webydo, the professional website creation platform that takes coding out of the picture for designers.

Why parallax scrolling animations are taking the stage

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Five Beautiful Water Drop Images

These beautiful water drop images will help give your blog posts and design that extra bit of flare. Use them however you like in your photography and design projects, let your imagination go wild. Enjoy!

Five Free Grey Grunge Textures

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