Web Design Trends You Need to Know

If you are passionate about web design, there are a few trends becoming more and more popular in 2016 that you should definitely know about. The most important part of being a web designer is staying clued up on what’s popular, and to be able to have a great design for a site that is in keeping with the style of the time, while still being original. Take note of these trends, and find a way of incorporating them into your latest project.

Eye-catching Photographic Backgrounds

It is a well-known fact that people respond better to information if it is presented visually. Especially when browsing the web, the user will be more interested in a website if it looks attractive. Photographs are a simple way of achieving a high visual impact, without being too distracting from the text. Many web designers are using photographs as backgrounds in their websites, and we expect to see much more of this trend in 2016.

Slideshows, Videos and Moving Graphics

Another way in which web designers are appeasing the users love of visual content, is by using slideshows, videos and animation on the homepage. This can be a little risky, as some mobile devices won’t be able to load websites with animation, which is why it is important to always make sure your website is mobile-friendly. A good place for beginners to start is by using a web hosting company like 1&1 for example, who make sure to offer different mobile-friendly templates. These are useful for giving you an idea of how to design a visually attractive website that is still responsive.

Animated Icons

Web designers are becoming more imaginative with menus and navigation bars. With moving menus that slide out from the side of the page, as well as the popular hamburger icon and more. The menu is a vital part of every website but sometimes the design can get boring, which is why it is a good idea to find a way of incorporating animated graphics into your menu or navigation bar.

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