How to Easily Identify Any Font

All designs take root in the same precept: what you see is what you get. In this sense, there are two equally important paths of conveying a message to the audience. This is why designers go to great lengths to secure both gorgeous design, and attractive content. It’s necessary to find and use exquisite fonts for the information to reach people effectively through text.

Deciding on the perfect font is one thing, and getting it is a whole other story. On most occasions, you’ve got your mind set on the way that a random word was written somewhere on the web. So, you’re restlessly trying to learn more about that used font, or at least find a closely related match to use in your own projects. A manual search could take ages, and then, there are no guarantees that it will turn out the font you’re craving for. If you want more certainty, take the route of



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iStockphoto Promo Codes - February 2014

*Update* This coupon code is now expired. For a complete list of current iStockphoto coupon codes please visit Vecteezy.

Our friends over at iStockphoto reached out to us to let us know about a huge offer they're running. They have given us a 14% OFF (360 credits or more) coupon code to share with all our L&T readers. Just click on the link below to "unlock" the coupon code. Then you can apply it to your cart at checkout. Hurry! This code expires on 3/31/2014 at midnight!


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Useful Microstock Merchants for Valentine’s Day

Most creative professionals recognize the market value of Valentine’s Day, and do their best to embrace it by using themed stock images that speak directly to the public. Skillful representations of this holiday have the potential to bring in new clients and increase sales, so here is a list with 10 stock photo agencies that have a lot to offer in this period.

YAY Images


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Your Ticket to Independent Site Building (sponsored)

Until recently, creating new websites was an exclusive practice, placed entirely in the hands of creative professionals. The pros were usually one designer and one developer who acted as a team where each brought in their skills, so the designer would create a visual model that the developer manually generated code for in order to make it work on a content management system. This is not the case anymore. Handwritten code as a whole has been dismissed by a series of helpful website crafting tools that give their members the opportunity to create sites by themselves.

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More Than a Thousand Words: Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Online Photos

Within the average eCommerce website, close to 70 percent of consumers agree that the overall quality of the featured product images plays a significant role in determining which products are selected and purchased, according to MDG Advertising. There are some ecommerce tips you can use to captivate the attention of your customers and keep them interested with photographs of your products.

Presentation, Presentation, and Presentation

Having an abundance of product photos and images on your website is important, but you should not stop there. The way in which you decide to present those pictures to your target audience is of the utmost importance, as well. The last thing you should want is for them to become visually irritated and annoyed by your photos. Avoid placing them in unexpected pop-up prompts. Make sure they do not drown out the core content of your website either, because this pertinent information needs to reach your consumers without any delays or distractions. Consider using a slide show to display your best images or even turn an entire webpage into a full product gallery your customers can visit whenever they see fit to do so.

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