More Than a Thousand Words: Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Online Photos

Within the average eCommerce website, close to 70 percent of consumers agree that the overall quality of the featured product images plays a significant role in determining which products are selected and purchased, according to MDG Advertising. There are some ecommerce tips you can use to captivate the attention of your customers and keep them interested with photographs of your products.

Presentation, Presentation, and Presentation

Having an abundance of product photos and images on your website is important, but you should not stop there. The way in which you decide to present those pictures to your target audience is of the utmost importance, as well. The last thing you should want is for them to become visually irritated and annoyed by your photos. Avoid placing them in unexpected pop-up prompts. Make sure they do not drown out the core content of your website either, because this pertinent information needs to reach your consumers without any delays or distractions. Consider using a slide show to display your best images or even turn an entire webpage into a full product gallery your customers can visit whenever they see fit to do so.

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471 Premium Design Resources for Free from! (sponsored)

Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. Its the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether youre a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work. 471-premium-design-resources-free-InkyDealscom-1

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Introducing The Designer Survival Kit by

It's tough to be a designer these days.  Sometimes getting by is harder than it seems.  There are predators at every turn.  The journey has lots of bumps a long the way and you never know when you might get stuck with no water, food, or a comfortable place to sleep.  You need direction, tools, emergency supplies.  Am I being extreme?  What you need is our new Survival Kit!   Available for instant download for $39.  You can either buy now or look at the pretty pictures below and then buy :)  

Over 520 Elements! Buy Now for $39

Download includes .jpg previews of all ui elemtents, .ai files for all icons and hovers, and .psds.

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Seven Free Microscopic Film Textures

This set of textures was produced by taking picture of 35mm film through a microscope. This gives the effect of abstraction and makes for some very unique textures that will add a lovely warm feel to your designs. Download them today and enjoy! This texture set was created by Dustin Schmieding, you can find more of his textures at Valleys in the Vinyl

      Download .Zip

Seven Black and White Stone Textures

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Elegant Themes’ DIVI Giveaway: 3 Developer Subscriptions For Free

Who is Elegant Themes?


Elegant Themes commands a hefty collection of 87 excellent themes that can be used for WordPress websites. Well over 200k users have been granted access to all themes for the modest price of $39. Paying that fee means you can use a limitless number of themes for as many websites as you please.



What exactly is Divi?


Divi is the brand new theme, one that took several months to prepare. In all this time, word got out, and the users got visibly more and more impatient – which is quite understandable, considering what they were told about this kick-ass theme. Now that it’s finally launched, users are free to go and get it.

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