High-Quality Marketing Resources for Designers

I am very familiar with designers who are in the middle of scaling their companies. This can be a long process because you are constantly battling to keep new ideas online without restraint. Plus you need to manage everything and find users who are interested in your website, too. The marketing aspect will take a long time but it is also a unique idea. In this article I would like to present a few resources for the best quality digital marketing. Many of these solutions have been online for a long time. But it is strange to consider how many people know of these services and have never considered using them. Digital marketing is a large realm full of new ideas. It is worth considering what would be the most influential choices for your company? How could you earn the largest following with just a small amount of advertising? I hope to answer these questions and figure out a solution.

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9 More High-Res Rust & Metal Textures

A few weeks ago we released a set of eight high resolution rust textures. Today we're back with another set of the always useful rust and metal textures. This time we're showcasing nine different textures that are perfect for adding some flair to your work.

9 More High-Res Rust & Metal Textures

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Free Website Builder at Your Disposal

Whether you’re a seasoned programmer, an artist, a retailer, or a doctor, I have some good news for you. Need to promote your trade? We live in the great information age, a time when knowing who’s who has become crucial to any accomplished business. The World Wide Web is an ideal medium to get more publicity for whatever it is that you do. So what does it take to reach more people? I’ll tell you what: a website. In other words, you need money, time and other people’s expertise. Web designers can help you with that. But there is an alternative.


If you don’t know diddly squat about coding or whatever else is required in the process of creating a dashing website. Naturally, you need professional help. Or do you? Not necessarily. I know of a speedy shortcut to acquire the most outstanding website in just a few easy steps, completely free of charge. Most people are familiar with the adage “if you want something done well, do it yourself”. I would adapt this to, “if it’s a website that you need, turn to imcreator”. Get untethered from the tribulations of hiring other people to design your website for you, and get personally involved in making your vision come true. There has never been a more accessible way.





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9 Free High-Res Concrete Textures

Concrete textures are some of the most useful resources you can have in your design arsenal. They're great for adding an urban or grungy feel to your art and designs. There's enough variety in this set, it should keep you busy for a while.

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9 Free High-Res Concrete Textures

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Free Graphic Pack Containing Over 50 Resources!

Being a web designer requires a lot of creativity, a lot of patience and most of all a lot of resources . When dealing with customers that are always on the search for new and innovative projects for their business, web designers are faced with the difficult task of constantly offering them creative ideas to satisfy their more and more demanding needs. Many clients think that a web designer’s work is similar to an artist’s life: he can freely create amazing projects from scratch, he can work from anywhere in the world and he can choose his tasks however he wants. This is not quite true: being a web designer means that you must have a lot of skills starting from technical knowledge, social abilities and the right resources, preferably free stuff such as vectors, psd files, UI elements and so forth.

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